Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 Months What?

Yes at this point it is only 52 days until Lily's first birthday and I know the next two months are going to fly by with the start of soccer looming daily. Where has the time gone? I feel like I was pregnant yesterday but in reality this time last year we had just gotten the nursery painted, furniture put together and were patiently awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. How crazy!

Ten days ago when Lily turned 10 months old, Mike and I were looking through pictures and the baby we met has grown into this almost toddler with such personality, energy, smiles, bright eyes and red hair :) Her facial features have really become her own and we love watching how Lily reacts to everything she sees. She is very mobile, crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, cruising across couches and tables. Lily is also very vocal saying "dada" mostly, "baba," "hi," and "mama" have all made appearances as well. Cheerios and anything else you put on her plate are Lily's favorite. And here are some of the highlights of Lily's 10th month...

Lily's first flight

Lily's first family reunion


Lily's first time at the beach!


Not too found of sitting in the sand by herself                                                
Lily's first fireworks!

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