Saturday, June 14, 2014

Food, Fitness, Etc.

This is the first non-Lily monthly update I have done in a while. Here goes...

So as promised here is a picture of Mike's Father's Day present. Lily and I made it last Wednesday at the Artsy Doodle Craft Studio. It was the best experience. There were two couples there who made us feel right at home doing crafts. I cannot wait until little girl is 18 months old so we can do their Doodle Bug classes!

My other Father's day present for Mike was a "guys weekend" with his best friend James. They have probably played over 12 hours of computer games in the 24 hours James has been here so far. They are a little crazy. But for dinner I made them a new Pinterest recipe called Bubble Pizza (see "recipe" >>>). The website didn't give much instruction but the boys liked it, easy clean up, and there are leftovers so I am happy. I cooked it at 350 degrees for 23ish minutes and a one dish wonder dinner is complete.

Walking with the jogger and Lily hasn't been enough so I decided to start the Couch to 5K and hopefully 10K program. I bought the app and am ready to go. One of my biggest problems is accountability because I don't have a running buddy and my schedule is so hectic that if I did, I don't know when I would meet them. I also got the RunKeeper app which from the reviews seems to cover the couple of holes the Couch to 5K app has. I have a little more baby weight to lose and then I want to get back to wedding weight/shape....

And because we still need a little dose of Lily. Lately, wherever we go Lily makes friends with other children. Today we went to the bridal shower of the best nanny ever and as you can see Lily made fast friends with another little girl who taught her how to use an ipod :) Also Lily is now using a sippy cup! Mike and I are so happy to be done with bottles.

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