Friday, July 18, 2014

That Time I Wore Fake Nails...

Someone special aka my brother is getting married tomorrow and I am really excited for it! I am a bridesmaid with my beautiful sister who I knew was getting her nails done. I have rarely gotten my nails done so much so I think I could count on one hand all the times I have gotten a manicure. Anyway being the sporty lady that I am I have also never used fake nails or press on nails. Yesterday that changed! I tried Nailene's So Natural Short Everyday French artificial nails from Wal-Mart. The kit comes with a manicure stick, cuticle pusher, glue, adhesive tabs and nails. I really liked how there were 28 nails and 14 sizes to pick from to best fit my nails.

Anyway, the process for putting the nails on was really easy. Buff your nails and clean them with the tools provided. Then begin to pick the adhesive tabs and nails that fit you best. I would suggest picking the sizes and setting them out before you start, which is not what I did and wish I had. I found myself fumbling around with these very light nails with half my nails on and half off. Bad idea!

Here are the before and after shots. My natural nails are in good shape but look how regal and long they look with the press on help! For the 20 minutes it took me to put them on and, did I mention the $5 out of my pocket, I will take it!

I put these bad girls on after my little girl was put to bed so I got to enjoy them hassle free for a good 12 hours. The only problem was when the morning came I felt like I couldn't do anything! Picking up bobby pins was hard, texting on my phone wasn't easy, scratching my head was rough, and taking care of Lily was another story. I felt like I was scratching her every time I picked her up and opening her formula can took some work. I am curious how people wear these all the time, obviously not press on, but having long nails is hard work! Needless to say these fun nails didn't even stay on until 9am. It was a great experience but for a mom of a 10 month old, not for me. Maybe I will try them again someday but for now so long pretty nails.

Good news, taking them off was a breeze! Press down on the nail and slide off. There was some leftover adhesive but it rolled off under my finger and I cleaned up the rest with nail polish remover. Great product but not for ones with young children :) Now I am off to decide if I want to pay for a mani or go DIY, decisions, decisions.

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