Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tutu's Etc.

Sometimes I get free time (I know what is that?) so last night I got to endulge in some premature birthday crafting. I finally decided on birthday colors after browsing Pinterest and Etsy for way too long and I am very pleased with how everything came out.

Craft 1) I set out to make a tutu and I did it! The fluffy skirt only took me 30 minutes total with this awesome tutorial from The Pinning Mama. Her instructions might seem long but they are just really thorough which I appreciated!

For my 16.5lb 28inch 10 month old this is how the 6-12 month measurements look with 2 colors. I used the Wyla 6"x 25 yd rolls of tulle from Joann Fabric. I used one roll of each color (gold rush and ivory) and had enough leftover to make another tutu of this size. When I make another tutu I will use three pieces of tulle just because of the extra fullness it will give the skirt.

As you can see I tried it on my little girl and I love that unlike with a dress she was able to crawl around and play while wearing it. Now this will be put away until her birthday :)

Craft 2) I really wanted to get a custom outfit from Etsy or another online store for little girl's birthday but the prices were a little out of our price range. So I set out to start finding things to make a gold and pink birthday for Lily. I found a Circo pink onesie with ruffled sleeves at Target because all good things come from Target :) and dimensional gold fabric paint by Tulip from Michaels. I sketched out what I wanted on the onesie and then painted over it. I was debating on the font being thin or bold and my better half convinced me that thin was the way to go. Here is the finished product. I think it is super cute especially paired with the tutu and I can't wait for Lily to wear it.

Craft 3) Lastly, little girl has been getting more and more hair lately so of course I have been putting some very fun bows in it. Only problem is that bows get lost easily if they aren't kept in one place so I wanted to make a bow organizer. I saw one at a local craft show for $10 and new I could make one for cheaper. I found her initial, ribbon, scrapbook paper, and these fun paper flowers at Michaels. I spent just under $6 and came out with this fun bow holder that will be put up on Lily's wall. I used Modge Podge to adhere the paper to the "L" and tacky glue to the ribbon on both ends to stick it to the "L" and the flower to the ribbon. Tada!

I have a lot going on the next couple of weeks so there will be another hiatus of crafts but no fear little spurts like these are bound to appear :)

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