Monday, July 21, 2014

It Takes a Wedding

My family of three spent the weekend celebrating my brother's wedding. It was a beautiful day that they made all their own. And getting to be a part of their day made it even more special :)

Watching my brother and his wife recite vows to commit themselves to each other reminded me of our special day 3.5 years ago. The feeling you get after you say "I do" is unmatched. The way you look into your husband's eyes and he in yours while you dance you first dance. The spontaneous laughs that come from singing songs together as you dance with your friends and family. Simply enjoying time together as newlyweds dreaming about the promise you made to each other and the journey ahead.

All of those thoughts and feelings flooded back on Saturday night and Sunday morning I felt like a newlywed all over again. So to me, I felt "more married." I found myself instantly more appreciative of everything happening in my relationship with Mike. After having our first child I admit that our relationship has taken a bit of a back seat. Date nights and spending time together just between us has become a rarity, which from what I understand is completely normal. I mean it isn't easy to have a romantic night out when your 10 month old is throwing cheerios and trying to climb out of her high chair. It took a wedding to remind me how it all began 3.5 years ago and how blessed I am to have the husband and daughter that I do. It took a wedding for me to feel that joy that needs nothing else but a quick smile from my husband to know how much he loves me.

All this to say it's not that I needed a wedding but it was a wonderful way to renew the love that we knew we had but were having a hard time expressing over diaper changes and spit up. If I could, I would attend a wedding every year just to feel "more married" again. In less than two weeks we will be attending another wedding and I cannot wait to celebrate this special time again.

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