Thursday, August 7, 2014

11 Months Coming Through

Someone is exactly one month away from turning 1 and it's this girl! Lily is 11 months old today. I can't believe that we will be celebrating her first birthday so soon. Of course I have been perusing the net for months to see what presents are best for one year olds and what kind of healthy cake to make her, but I am sure no matter what we do she will love it.

Anyway, this month Lily did a lot of fun thing like....
1) Was in her first wedding as a flower girl for my brother's big day.
2) Attended her first wedding as a guest for her two best friends as they tied the knot.
3)Went in her first full sized pool with her play date buddy.
4) Was tricked into standing on her own but prefers to sit and crawl as fast as possible. It is seriously crazy how fast she can crawl.
5)Went to her first town fair and won a prize with some help from Daddy.
6) Tried a lot of regular solids. She loves celery sticks and gnawing on carrots. She is also a big fan of Italian food.
7) Has her 6th tooth coming in.
8) Lily can now wave hi and goodbye without someone waving to her first. It is adorable.
9) Learned to drink from a regular cup and always smacks her lips afterward.
10) Because I am incapable of ending at 9, Lily is the best girl ever!!! We are so lucky to be her parents!

Watching her become a toddler is crazy but so much fun. I am already excited to share her first birthday celebrations and I am sure there will be so many pictures to post!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My First Anywhere Chair Review

I was so excited to purchase a Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair. Because of Lily's small size I decided to go with the "My First Anywhere Chair." It arrived in two packages, one large box that contained the foam and a bag with the slipcover. When the slip cover arrived a couple of days after the foam pieces I immediately put it together. I was really frustrated when the velcro strips inside the slipcover did hardly anything to keep the foam in place. The personalized initial was also much smaller than the website advertised.

After watching the Pottery Barn Youtube assembly video I understand why the new design of slipcover does not have the defined shape the older PBK Anywhere Chairs do. The fabric sleeves with Velcro strips held tight to each piece of foam, especially in the flat seat area. In the new design, the inch wide straps with small Velcro squares barely stick together let alone hold dense foam in place. It is really a shame because the PBK Anywhere chairs are such a great product otherwise but I do not want that lack of stability in a chair used for small children.

The customer service for Pottery Barn Kids was very nice and helped me walk through the return process. She also got me the special permission required to return a personalized item since the slipcover was monogrammed. Tomorrow my PBK My First Anywhere Chair makes it way back to the warehouse and I try to find a suitable replacement. Lesson to be learned, don't change a good thing!