Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Final Countdown!

It's on! I have 11 days to go but of course that means it could happen tonight or it could happen in 20 days. The unplanability, pretty sure that is not a word, of pregnancy is killing me. For someone who lives on my planner, to do lists and more lists, this situation is killer. Friends and co-workers don't want to make plans or give you more projects to work on because I may not be free tomorrow, but at the same time I might have 2 more weeks!

Working on my graduate classes is a nice break from the unknown but I am trying to think of more I can do to keep my mind off of what could happen. This morning I thought of a novel idea! I am going to make a "Helper Handbook" for the family and friends who are able to come help out after Baby B is born. I made a table of contents so I have a good start. Some new moms and dads probably don't need something like this but our house, pets and streets have some weird schedules so we want people to have something to look at for random but common questions :)

For example:
Baby B pediatrician information
     Random rules for Baby B- no kisses from the pets etc.
Lexie & Ollie's feeding schedule, vet information etc.
Trash/Recycling Day
Street sweeping night, you don't want a silly ticket ;)
Husband's work schedule
Husband's soccer practice/game schedule
List of recipes/food we have on hand- I have a lot of my recipes on Pinterest and not printed out so this will be a great opportunity to print/write out our favorites so everyone can help without being confused about how to make something. I also hope to do a couple freezer meals... but I have been saying that for a while so we shall see if it actually happens!

I'll be sure to post a picture when I'm done. Maybe I will use some cute subway art as the cover?

Oh and in case you were curious, the Reese's Pumpkins can now be found at your local convenience store! I know exciting, especially since its only August 27th. I usually am not a fan of these but since I am pregnant, I am! My brother would be proud because I am pretty sure these are one of his favorite treats along with the Easter egg variety :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Food & Fun Finds

 I am so impressed that I have not posted about food until now. Only 16 days until D-Day! Anyway, one of my favorite places to go on Saturday mornings makes creative waffles. They have some "preset" options but then you can always make your own creation. What you see here is a waffle with chopped apples and cinnamon inside and peanut butter, sliced apples and whip cream on top. Let me tell you, it was so yummy! Hopefully I will be able to go again this Saturday>>>> I'll be sure to let you know how it goes :)

Mike and I finally started trying some crockpot/freezer meals. The first one was supposed to be french dip sandwiches but instead we got a round roast that seemed more fitting to be made into an open face sandwich. We used the same ingredients to cook the meat but served it on top of the Italian rolls with mashed potatoes (the store bought kind) the meat and the gravy made in the crockpot. It was so tender and amazing. Definitely recommend it. We also made meatball subs. I got the Italian rolls, sauce and muenster cheese from Costco. The recipe made a bunch and it was delicious.

Before                                        After

 I also got my hair cut! Less time to dry for sure!
Thanks Fantastic Sam's :)

Next are my fun finds!
There was a "block" yard sale a couple of weeks ago so of course we had to go looking to see if there was any good stuff. This is what we found. A mug tree, which I have been scouring the stores for ever since we got married in 2011. I finally got one for only $2! A cute Christmas tree tray with a woven bottom for $.50. I love this because it's not truly Christmasy but instead wintery so I can start using it in November right? Lastly a shelf and hook wall hanging to put in Baby B's room. She already has one with hearts that we repainted pink and I think this one will probably be painted pink as well maybe to hang jackets or wet towels on? 

Lastly, I had to go get some gifts the other day for a special birthday coming up and a baby shower that I am not able to attend. While out I found the next two items. A "Madeline" board book and a "Daddy's Little Girl" plaid blanket.  I used to love Madeline and was so happy to find a board book version to add to Baby B's collection. Now she has this; "Good Night Cape Cod", "Good Night Moon", "Guess How Much I Love You" and "Charlotte's Web." The blanket was super exciting because coming from the East Coast where beaches and sailboats reign I had not gotten a nautical blanket yet for our little girl. Finding this was amazing and I can't wait to use it. So adorable!

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Last of the Nursery Crafts

We have finally settled into a rhythm with Mike and I both working at school and of course our schedule changes again in one week! Summertime is nice but so deceiving!

Anyway I have a fun gift to show you. On the left here you will see the wonderful print my friend Rachel made. She is super talented and has her own Etsy shop Writtenforyou with cell phone cases, prints, mattes, cards and is always adding more products. And if any of you like something from the shop use the coupon code FREESHIPPING and receive free domestic shipping on any order. I love my piece of art and think it is so special to have a one of a kind print in our baby girl's room. I am a little obsessed with "floating" frames so that is what I used here. I love the way the color of the room mattes the print.

That was one of the wonderful gifts my friends gave me at our small but amazing baby shower at Olive Garden, yum! So lucky to have a group like them :)
On to the craft that I gave a sneak preview to on my last post. I started with all these embroidery hoops, some scrapbook paper (12" x 12"), craft glue and scissors. Overall a super cheap/fast craft that I would recommend to anyone wanting to spruce up a wall; maybe even a dorm because instead of a nail, students could use small command strip hooks to hang them.


I honestly didn't end up using the glue because the hoops were holding the paper so well. As you can see in the picture below, I placed the entire scrapbook page on the hoop and then pressed the exterior hoop on top. It took a lot more muscle than I originally thought but it looks really nice when done.

 After I twisted the embroidery notch as tight as possible, I cut off the rest of the paper. I probably left a less than measurable amount of the scrapbook paper on the back side of the hoop, just in case I needed to pull the paper tight again.

Throw this out :)

 Here are my 6 hoops completed. Depending on the wall space or design you want to create you can add more/less or different sizes. 

The finished product! Yes that questionable smiley face is covering up where Baby B's name will go when she arrives. The rest of the nursery is also fully functional now. Clothes are washed/folded or hung up, diapers in the changing table, burp clothes ready to be used and blankets all nestled in a great basket we received at our shower.
Next post I hope to show you a little of what Mike and I are doing to prepare for Baby B in the way of food for us. I am trying out lots of recipes, mostly crockpot, and maybe even some freezer meals too to see what works best when I plan my huge shopping trip that will hopefully last us a month of meals. Here's hoping!