Monday, July 15, 2013

A Crafting Trip: Nursery DIY Preview

This week's work schedule is kind of awesome. I work Monday through Friday but only 4 hour shifts which is really nice for super pregs over here who would rather be sitting at home watching tv. So today I tried to be productive with my short shift and ran some errands afterward and by errands I mean a trip to Michael's. I finally decided what DIY's I want to put in Baby B's room! I always knew the locations 1) over the changing table and 2) over the crib; but I had no idea what to do with all the options Pinterest provides.

The first crafty thing will be a 4 canvas art piece. I got the inspiration from the Newly Woodwards. I don't work with fabric a lot so I chose different scrapbook paper to use on the top of the canvases.

 Yes there are only 3 canvases and 3 scrapbook pages in the picture because the 4th canvas is being painted by my talented sister. I gave her an image, secret!, and I can't wait to see what she does with it. Anyway two of the pages will be glued to the canvas with nothing else on them and one (I think the pink damask) will have Baby B's first initial on it.

The second project was inspired by Aedriel. Again, I don't have fabric scraps laying around or old clothes to cut so I got scrapbook paper! I tried to not duplicate any of the ones I am using from the canvas wall art.

 I am really hoping that when all the paper is put into place that it "goes." I know they seem to work together laid out but I am super visual so I will believe it when the project is complete. If you can't tell I like the preppy style I got going on.
And here are all the hoops I got from Michael's. It was funny because the employee who rang me out asked what the hoops were supposed to be used for. I told her needlepoint but that wasn't what I was using them for and proceeded to show her my Pinterest board :) If any of you want to follow this blog's Pinterest account I have a button on the top right for you to click. Handy right?

Alright time for me to go get some stuff done before bedtime. Night!

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