Friday, August 9, 2013

The Last of the Nursery Crafts

We have finally settled into a rhythm with Mike and I both working at school and of course our schedule changes again in one week! Summertime is nice but so deceiving!

Anyway I have a fun gift to show you. On the left here you will see the wonderful print my friend Rachel made. She is super talented and has her own Etsy shop Writtenforyou with cell phone cases, prints, mattes, cards and is always adding more products. And if any of you like something from the shop use the coupon code FREESHIPPING and receive free domestic shipping on any order. I love my piece of art and think it is so special to have a one of a kind print in our baby girl's room. I am a little obsessed with "floating" frames so that is what I used here. I love the way the color of the room mattes the print.

That was one of the wonderful gifts my friends gave me at our small but amazing baby shower at Olive Garden, yum! So lucky to have a group like them :)
On to the craft that I gave a sneak preview to on my last post. I started with all these embroidery hoops, some scrapbook paper (12" x 12"), craft glue and scissors. Overall a super cheap/fast craft that I would recommend to anyone wanting to spruce up a wall; maybe even a dorm because instead of a nail, students could use small command strip hooks to hang them.


I honestly didn't end up using the glue because the hoops were holding the paper so well. As you can see in the picture below, I placed the entire scrapbook page on the hoop and then pressed the exterior hoop on top. It took a lot more muscle than I originally thought but it looks really nice when done.

 After I twisted the embroidery notch as tight as possible, I cut off the rest of the paper. I probably left a less than measurable amount of the scrapbook paper on the back side of the hoop, just in case I needed to pull the paper tight again.

Throw this out :)

 Here are my 6 hoops completed. Depending on the wall space or design you want to create you can add more/less or different sizes. 

The finished product! Yes that questionable smiley face is covering up where Baby B's name will go when she arrives. The rest of the nursery is also fully functional now. Clothes are washed/folded or hung up, diapers in the changing table, burp clothes ready to be used and blankets all nestled in a great basket we received at our shower.
Next post I hope to show you a little of what Mike and I are doing to prepare for Baby B in the way of food for us. I am trying out lots of recipes, mostly crockpot, and maybe even some freezer meals too to see what works best when I plan my huge shopping trip that will hopefully last us a month of meals. Here's hoping!

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