Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Final Countdown!

It's on! I have 11 days to go but of course that means it could happen tonight or it could happen in 20 days. The unplanability, pretty sure that is not a word, of pregnancy is killing me. For someone who lives on my planner, to do lists and more lists, this situation is killer. Friends and co-workers don't want to make plans or give you more projects to work on because I may not be free tomorrow, but at the same time I might have 2 more weeks!

Working on my graduate classes is a nice break from the unknown but I am trying to think of more I can do to keep my mind off of what could happen. This morning I thought of a novel idea! I am going to make a "Helper Handbook" for the family and friends who are able to come help out after Baby B is born. I made a table of contents so I have a good start. Some new moms and dads probably don't need something like this but our house, pets and streets have some weird schedules so we want people to have something to look at for random but common questions :)

For example:
Baby B pediatrician information
     Random rules for Baby B- no kisses from the pets etc.
Lexie & Ollie's feeding schedule, vet information etc.
Trash/Recycling Day
Street sweeping night, you don't want a silly ticket ;)
Husband's work schedule
Husband's soccer practice/game schedule
List of recipes/food we have on hand- I have a lot of my recipes on Pinterest and not printed out so this will be a great opportunity to print/write out our favorites so everyone can help without being confused about how to make something. I also hope to do a couple freezer meals... but I have been saying that for a while so we shall see if it actually happens!

I'll be sure to post a picture when I'm done. Maybe I will use some cute subway art as the cover?

Oh and in case you were curious, the Reese's Pumpkins can now be found at your local convenience store! I know exciting, especially since its only August 27th. I usually am not a fan of these but since I am pregnant, I am! My brother would be proud because I am pretty sure these are one of his favorite treats along with the Easter egg variety :)

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