Thursday, June 5, 2014

9 Months Already!

Lily lounging at the store
I can't believe Lily will be 9 months this weekend! I will be in NC for the next few days so Mike will get a nice weekend with Lily. And although my last post included some of this month too there is still a lot to talk about. This month has definitely been the most difficult with Lily having two bottom teeth coming in and we can feel a third about to emerge on the top. Poor girl won't nap, crying alot and not much consoles her. I will be really happy when we get a break from teething and cutting teeth. I'm sure Lily will be happy too. Lily also crawls around speedily now and is attempt to get into everything. Child proofing the house is in full affect.

May 23-25 Lily's first weekend away with Grandma

May 26 Lily's first time in a lake
             *Ever since her time at Brady's run she now splashes all over the place during bath time which Mike took a great video of.
Big Girl seat!

May 28 Lily learns to pass a ball, see adorable videos here, here, and here :) As the sports crazys that we are this was very exciting.

June 1 Lily gets a convertible "big girl" car seat

June 4 Lily made her first craft for Father's Day. I will post pictures after Mike gets it :) A big thanks to Artsy Doodle Craft Studio for their help. If you live in Western PA I highly recommend checking them out.

After I get back from NC we are going to try to be more intentional about weaning off the bottle and getting Lily to use a sippy cup. She has used them a couple of times but just to try it out.
Good girls at Chic Fil A get cows :)
Brady's Run
Lily wasn't so sure at first

We are also helping Lily feed herself now. We scoop the food, she takes the spoon and into her mouth it goes. She is using her left hand too and as my Grampy would say, "Left handed people are the only ones in their right mind."

We hope to get Lily in the ocean when little girl and I travel to MA at the end of the month. It will be Lily's first time on a plane and first family reunion. Lots of excitement for sure.

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