Wednesday, May 21, 2014

8.5 Months of Lil

Can't believe little Lily is 8.5 months old. She is getting so big! April and May were very big months for Lily. Here's why...

April 20th- Lily's first Easter

April 25-27 Lily's first soccer tournament with Mommy in OH

April 28th- Lily says "Dada" and won't stop :)

April 29th- Lily learns to scoot/army crawl

May 3rd- Lily goes to her first graduation

May 4th- Lily attends her first bridal shower and was the life of the party

May 11th- Lily's family dedication and Mother's Day

May 13th- Lily learns how to go from stomach to crawling to sitting

May 17th- Lily's first tooth is on its way in while at her first tournament with Mommy and Daddy in OH

May 20th- Lily pulls herself up on the couch for the first time

All of that within a month really. My mind is boggled. Being this little one's mom is a crazy adventure. Lily is definitely turning into her own little personality. She likes to hear herself talk and play with her basket of toys. She loves children! The three of us went to lunch and our little girl made noises at the young boy sitting at the table next to us until he looked at her. Then she gave a huge smile and the boy waved at her. Lily was loving it. Mike better watch out. This month Lily learned what "No" means and sometimes cries when she hears it. She sure keeps us on our toes whether its being more mobile or talking non-stop. We love our little Lily Michaella and can't wait to see what she does next.


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