Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First Place DIY

This morning I was putting together a gift for our wonderful nanny and her fiance. Both of them have been such a blessing to us the last 8 months helping to take care of Lily and we cannot say thank you enough. Anyway, her fiance is moving into their first apartment this Friday so Mike and I wanted to put together a basket of helpful first place goodies.

We went to Target and got them these things...
1) Clorox Good Works Wipes
2) Method Hand Soap
3) Palmolive Oxy Dish Soap
4) Sponge
5) Microfiber Cloth
6) Goo Gone
7) Toilet Paper
8) Power Strip with night light :)

9) Irish Blessing (see below)
10) Plastic tote

So the Irish blessing I found on Pinterest and thought it would be great as a DIY craft. Our nanny loves the chalkboard art so I tried to replicate it. I jumped on Microsoft Publisher and started to play around. I found my chalkboard background using a PowerPoint website. I was a little worried it would look plain black when printed but, I was very happy with the results. The blessing is in Constantia italics and the initial and last name are in Constantia without italics. The frame was from Ikea. It has been a while since I got to craft and although this was a low key DIY I hope to do more again soon :)

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