Wednesday, April 16, 2014

After the Bump

How I feel about postpartum living is a love/hate relationship. I love my baby girl and am so lucky to be her mom. Loving my body has been a different story. I gained almost 50 lbs while carrying Lily and lost half of it within the first 2 weeks after giving birth. I was so motivated! I wasn't allowed to do anything for the first 2 weeks postpartum and had still lost weight.

It has taken me another 6.5 months to lose 19 more pounds. With 6 lbs left to go I am starting to realize even when I get back to my pre-baby weight my body is forever different. I can't wear my wedding rings which is a huge struggle for me. Adults of all ages look at Lily and immediately look at my left hand to see if I am wearing a ring. The disapproving looks that I get when I run errands hurt. I know I shouldn't care so much about what others think but I do. I am proud to be Mike's wife and I want to be able to wear the symbols to show it. I now find myself covering my hand without even thinking about it as I hold Lily. Hopefully one day soon I can figure out how to lose weight in my hands I guess?

Anyway my teenager jeans and shorter tops have been donated to Goodwill and I am slowly building a mommy wardrobe. T-shirts, tanks and cardigans are my weakness. The longer shorts, that aren't quite bermudas but have an inseam of 10" are fantastic! I got a pair at Gap the other day (see below). Now the model who wore these had no thighs, hips or butt so they look super loose. With my mommy body I have all those so they look much more fitted.

I also got a shirt today at Goodwill for only $3! I am so addicted to horizontal stripes. This T was a great find because the stripes alternate between white, grey, and black which help to hide my softer parts :) I hope to check back at Goodwill and other second hand stores often as the weather finally decides to turn to spring.

I have noticed that eating out less, a result of our new budget thanks to Dave Ramsey, has also played a part in my eating habits improving.
1.1.14 The day after we found
out we were pregnant
2.14.14 6 month postpartum
Here's hoping that coaching four days a week, cleaning 12 hours a week, working in retail 8 hours a week and chasing my cutie 7 month old the rest of the time will help me work off the rest of these silly LBS!


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