Thursday, November 7, 2013

Its Been 2 Months!

 What a fantastic two months it has been!

Lily went to way too many soccer games, so many I have lost count. Yesterday she was amazing as we traveled 5 hours to KY for a soccer game and 5 hours back all in 16 or so hours. In her two months of life she has already traveled through four states (PA, OH, WV, & KY) and all in one day. She has started to grab objects more but only when we put them next to her. Lily finally fits in 0-3 onesies but still struggles to keep on 0-3 pants :) Lily got her first pumpkin and took her first trip to a pumpkin patch this month. She was the not-so Sleeping Beauty for her first Halloween and did a great job handing out candy at home. It was a rainy night so she will have to wait until next year to walk around the block.  She smiles daily and a lot. Apparently she is a natural model as well! Look at these pictures! These photos do not do her blue eyes justice but believe me they are gorgeous!

As for the rest of the family...Mike has just finished his soccer season with the college and club league but will continue to coach indoor until the spring season starts. I still have a couple weeks of club soccer and then will start indoor training with that team and begin coaching ODP in January.This week I started to work again at my retail job after taking a break since August. I have also decided to stop pursuing my masters degree after this semester so that I can focus on work and being a mom. On a fun note, I am looking into selling scarves and hats that I crochet maybe at the college near by and possibly online? I am not sure if it will be profitable or not, or if anyone will even buy them but if I keep crocheting for myself and Lily pretty soon the accessories will take over the closet! Look for some samples in the next post :)

I know this is a lot of information but I figured I would jam it all into one since I haven't written in a while. When Mike and I moved into our house in January 2012 I made my own laundry detergent. Last month I finally ran out! It did a great job washing our clothes  for one year and nine months but I have decided to try a new recipe this time. This one includes fabric softeners that the last one didn't and so far I really like it. I also am making homemade baby wipes for Lily because some of the big brand wipes irritate her skin and these wipes are as natural as it gets!

Okay I think that is it! We are very excited as we enter the holiday season with our baby girl and can't wait to visit our family and friends who have not met Lily yet! 

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