Monday, October 7, 2013

Lily is 1 Month!

Lily Michaella is 1 Month old today. Yes it is only 12:30pm but I have already taken all these pictures of baby girl being 1 Month! We took a quick trip into work and then hit up the grocery store. As you can see she is a very alert little girl and started smiling while awake, consistently yesterday. She loves being out and about with me and likes to look around at everything. It is funny to Mike and I because in comparison to how small she was at birth, she looks so big to us whereas everyone else thinks she is tiny. I am sure she is small, she is only one month old but still.

This pink ruffle outfit is from my good friend Jess and Lily loves it. She is very happy to finally fit in the 0-3 clothes that everyone got her :)

Lily fun facts:
Soccer Games: 9
Sleeps: In her car seat
First Real Smile: 10/6/13

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