Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3 Months... a little late

Our very smiley Lily is now 3 months old! Yes this was a few days ago but the retail holiday season has kept me crazy. She "talks" all the time, is almost always smiling, and slept 11 hours straight the other night! Mike and I could get used to this. This month Lily saw her first snow and loved it. She laughed out loud for the first time at Mike's office. She rolls over from stomach to back and stands while holding our fingers. Lily has not grown attached to any stuffed animals but always has a blanket in her hands. She is almost sitting up on her own but still needs a little support. Lily is now fully in 3-6 months clothes but can still squeeze into some 0-3 onesies since she is tiny but long. She still fights naps during the day but in the mornings she will remain content while awake hanging out in her crib. Lily enjoyed her first Thanksgiving here in Western PA but we are very excited for her to travel for Christmas so that we can share her with everyone.

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