Monday, October 20, 2014

A Day at the Zoo

Lily and I  went with our MOPS group today to the zoo. I was a little hesitant because it was going to be a long day with no nap but Lily was a champ. First we got to go to a short class where we pet some animals. Lily pet the humongous cockroaches, the Madagascar Tenrec, a possum, and the duck. She especially liked watching the duck walk around.

Then we made our way to the giraffes, which was the most exciting part of the day. Because of our sweet MOPS connections we got to go into another area closer to the animals. The giraffe came right over and Lily and I got to pet him!

 I was so surprised how close he got. Went back and forth along the fence so all the kids got to pet him. So awesome!

Then Lily and I found the aquarium. Lily really likes looking at the fish at Wal-Mart so I knew she would enjoy looking at the huge tanks of wildlife.
The penguin exhibit was Lily's favorite but when I went to let her stand against the glass it proved to be a little overwhelming. She did much better at the shark tank :)

Then we went through to the end of the zoo and saw the Kangaroo.
A great day all in all. Little girl loves those animals.

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