Sunday, September 7, 2014

Turning One is So Fun!

 Today was Lily Michaella's first birthday! We had an amazing time the past two weekends celebrating with both of our families so today we invited some close friends to the park. It was so great to hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather to celebrate Lily turning one! Mike and I can't believe 12 months have flown by this quickly but as everyone keeps reminding us, kids grow up so fast. 
Looking at these photos one year ago is on the left and today was on the right. All I can say is WOW! Lily is the best gift we have ever been given and we can't wait to watch her grow more every day. 

She is the most outgoing, sweet, crazy, silly and content little girl I have every met. She fights laughing so hard but when you can get her to giggle it is totally worth it. She has her own little language and is such a ham in front of an audience. I love the moments she will sit, cuddle and watch the world around her and then during playtime Lily shows off her independent side. Lil, Baby Girl, Lily Girl, Stinker, Lil Lil, Silly Lily are only a few of her nicknames. She loves watching TV with Mommy in the morning. Lily likes to sing some tunes or dance as she crawls. She loves to chase Daddy around the living room. Watermelon and Cheerios are her favorite snacks. Lastly, her favorite toys are balls,any kind, which explains why we got her an awesome ball pit for her birthday. She played with it for 35 minutes straight!

This is my most favorite picture of the day. I love my little mini me. 

Oh and of my awesome Hubs who has been an amazing Daddy to our daughter. I love watching them together and their precious relationship.

Looking over the last year has really made us appreciate our soccer family. We live far away from our parents so most of the help and support we get with Lily is from people we know from our large soccer family. I don't know what we would have done without their love and support the past 12 months. So a big "Thank You" to you all. Lily is so loved and  I know our parents appreciate it too, knowing that we have people out here who care about us so much :)

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