Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Half Birthday Lily!

Like my previous post said 3.7.14 was crazy so these are the only pictures of Lily I have from that day. We celebrated this day with Steak n Shake, going to Gymboree, buying Catching Fire, and some movie snacks.

Let's fast forward to 3.8.14 which was an awesome family day to celebrate Lily.

We woke up at Lily time, 5am and drove to Northeast OH for Mike to coach three soccer games. During the games Lily and I had tummy time, met some new people, and she took a short nap. She impressed everyone with her quiet nature and what a good baby she is, which we already knew ;).
Her very excited face!
Watching Daddy's team play
Dressed in team colors
   Then we went to Pizza Hut, Lily's favorite of course, before our drive home. Lily and I took a nap during the ride and it was glorious. The rest of the day was just relaxing at home which was a perfect time to enjoy how much Lily has grown over the past 6 months.


A couple of moments from the last week because Lily likes to hit some milestones on time :) Falling asleep in her toys trying to prove to me she is too old for naps after fighting so hard to stay awake. Lily sitting up all by herself for almost an entire episode of The Bachelor. I am teaching her early how not to find a man! Lily sitting in the stroller for the first time without her car seat. She was so proud of herself smiling at people all over the mall.
 Lily can also wear bows in her hair now! So fun. This month she has eaten apples, bananas, sweet potatoes and squash. Bananas were definitely her favorite and now she knows how to smack her lips. Lily also tries to communicate with us even more. She coughs and sounds like a dolphin. Lily will usually do this when she wants to eat. Mike is really good at imitating her so she gets a kick out of that. On the crawling front she has gotten all the way off her belly. Here is a super cute video of me finding her like this after a nap.
Lastly, here is a fun look at what Lily looked like in here car seat right at 1 day old, 3 months and 6 months.

I know you can't see her whole body in the second one but her length from 1 day to 6 months is crazy! And the pink fluffy jackets adds some width but Mike and I can't believe how big she is getting! Now its off to the doctors to see just how big that is. We have an over/under bet on 16lbs 5oz, I picked over so Mike gets under and even. Any guesses? I'll update again soon on how the doctors visit went.
Oh and thanks to Marti Aiken Photography for
 taking some family pictures. I will post those next time too, promise!

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