Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wait it's March?

So I feel like a slacker! I sent that nice Christmas card and sent everyone to look at our blog and then I didn't update it for 3 month! Oops. So goes the busy life of the Bair's. For those of you who are friends with us on Facebook, know that little girl is getting over her first ear infection. It is a double ear infection so we go back to the Doctors on Monday for her 18 month check up and to look at how her infection is doing.

Our 4th Anniversary

With that said I already know how much little girl weighs because of our infection appointment. A whopping 21 lbs and I think 8oz? Yea this child is a tank, not! We are starting to move into 18 month pants which we need for the length but struggle to keep them staying on her waist. Shirts depending on the brand are 12 or 18 months. As she is growing and going through more clothes I am noticing more and more the discrepancies between sizes and brands. Why can't they just all use the same template! But anyways, the consignment season is upon us so I am excited to clean out of all the old clothes and get some new ones for little girl. We get great hand me downs so thankfully the sales that I buy from are just to fill in the holes.

Lily loves eating chicken nuggets, most of the time ;)
Officially Lily started consistently walking Jan. 17th. She had taken steps before that, like in the video from our last post, but now she is a walking machine. For only walking for a total of 2 months, little girl is a pro! Ever since we found an MLS size 1 soccer ball at Target (where we do Family date night) she has been dribbling around the living room with Daddy. Here is a video of little girl walking 2 weeks after she started.

Lily is a big reader and loves Mickey & Minnie Mouse

We have also noticed that little girl is VERY focused, VERY particular (see video for proof). She is not saying a lot of words but definitely knows how to tell us she wants or needs something. We have mastered "hi", "bye bye", and "uh oh". Within the last week we have been working on "please" or like Lily says "teese" and "thank you." Unfortuntely "no" has been appearing more too. Although she doesn't say a lot of words when she wants to say something she does. For example, "ducky." We were having bath time and I showed her the rubber duckies and she repeated me instantly with "ducky." Like with walking little girl does what she wants, when she wants. I wonder where she gets this from??

Lily loves puzzles!
Lily's first snow play time, She loved it!

Mike is excited that he only has 1 class left of his masters and my job (and Jamberry) is going great. Not too much is going on besides that soccer is ramping up again. As of the second week of April the Bair family will have upwards of 5 soccer practices a week. This will be the biggest adjustment for Lily and I because I have never worked full time while coaching in the Fall or Spring with Lily. I will have to go right from work to soccer and won't get to see little girl much :( But on weekends little girl and I will hang out while Mike has 2 games and I only have 1. Please pray that God gives me the strength to make it through and know that this is only for one season of our lives! I can already feel my mom guilt levels rising just thinking about it. I think that is it for our update so Happy St. Patrick's day from our redheaded little girl :)

More puzzles!

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