Tuesday, January 7, 2014

She's Four Months!

Lily (aka princess, booger, silly Lily, chicki, blankie princess) turns four months old today! This past month has been quite an adventure. Lily has been to a lot of late night soccer practices, indoor soccer games and traveled from Western PA to MA. So in four months she has traveled through PA, OH, WV, KY, NY, NJ, CT, RI, and MA, that's nine states! She has begun to laugh more often but still not consistently. Whenever she starts we need to grab the camera quick before she stops! I tried uploading a quick video of it but I can't seem to get the player to work so I put it on youtube! Here is the link to watch our silly girl laugh :) Lily has also started to communicate with us in ways other then crying which is great. Now if she has a diaper she will start making long tones with her voice, especially if it is a stinky one :) Overall Lily is a super active girl who always knows what she wants. Daddy's little girl for sure. 

After shopping with Mommy, she is always so well behaved when we go out!

Meeting a new friend who is exactly one month younger than she is.

                              Christmas Morning 2013 with her Santa sleeper and ugly Christmas sweater bib

Lounging at Grammy's on the Cape with Daddy

                        New Years Eve 2013 morning before meeting the Bair crew!

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